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Review – The Bad Boy With A Ten...


Now that the French Open is behind us, it is time to give you my long overdue review of Jimmy Connors’ book, The Outsider, which I read from cover to cover with an absolute delight, without having checked anything about it beforehand in mass media, which is something I strongly recommend you do. Why? Because the […]

An Act Of Courage In An Unfair Situat...

An Act Of Courage In An Unfair Situation

  “I decided to speak because I am simply shocked… sport is growing in Chile, Santiago 2014 [NDLR: the South American Games] is coming and, starting with this great event, many more things. However, in my opinion, the authorities continue privileging the ‘looking good’ rather than really watching over the athletes.”   Thus starts a […]

Tough Match Ahead For Ross Hutchins

Photo: Getty Images

  There are gestures that have a lot of meaning, but of which we don’t know the signification right away, if at all. Last year, during Wimbledon, the Olympics, and the US Open, we saw Andy Murray raising two fingers pointing at the sky after each win, as in prayer, something he never explained.   […]

Contrasting Styles

Milos Raonic, Clare Morehen

There hasn’t been any candlelit tennis or playing on water to launch the tennis season, so far, but there has been a quite impressive photo shoot of contrasting styles when Canada’s top player, Milos Raonic, met with Clare Morehen of the Queensland Ballet yesterday.





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