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¡Chau, Feña!

¡Chau, Feña!

In the first round, there were three must-see matches: the return of Alisa Kleybanova, back after 10 months as she fought and won her battle against cancer, the return of Venus Williams, who hadn’t played since last year’s US Open, as she had been diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, and what ended up being Fernando González’s last […]

(Slight) UK Budget Changes For (Among...

(Slight) UK Budget Changes For (Among Others) Foreign Tennis Players

Last October, Rafael Nadal expressed a lot of discontent regarding the huge amount of taxes the tennis players have to pay in the UK, on top of the taxes they have to pay in their own country. As we know, he isn’t the only sportsman having problems with the UK tax system, where a non-UK […]

Gonzo Announces His Retirement

Gonzo Announces His Retirement

A couple of months ago, responding to rumours spread by various news sites, he said that when the time came for him to announce his retirement from tennis, he would do it himself and on his own terms. That time came today, as Fernando González announced his retirement due to ongoing physical issues today. The […]

Can We Have An Injury Time Off, Pleas...

Can We Have An Injury Time Off, Please?

I don’t really like getting back on the topic, but circumstances are quite forcing me to do so. The season is a week old and, at this hour, we’ve had, ATP and WTA combined and qualifications included, close to 20 retirements or walkovers, and even those who do not usually pull out do!

Pull-outs, Retirements, Injury Scares...

Pull-outs, Retirements, Injury Scares: 2012 Starts With 2011’s Bad Karma

As far as injuries were concerned, 2011 had a bad karma in the tennis world. Apparently, 2012 is determined to start the same way. After the pre-season pull-outs that I have listed last week, Somdev Devvarman pulled out of the Chennai event due to a shoulder injury yesterday. He was replaced by lucky loser Édourad […]

2011 Ends With A Huge Bang

2011 Ends With A Huge Bang

I don’t think anyone expected such news to come out just as the year ends, but today, as Great Britain was slowly entering its New Year’s Eve celebrations and Australia (where he’s playing his first event of the season, in Brisbane) had already started its New Year, the BBC made a stunning announcement: Andy Murray […]

Not Off To A Good Start (And News, Wi...

Not Off To A Good Start (And News, Wishes, And So On)

The new tennis season has just started on the ATP Tour with the beginning of the Brisbane International qualifications (it has started last night/at dawn in the WTA), although for the last two days, we were spoiled, as we have been every year since 2008, with the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, a six-player exhibition held […]

Davis Cup Finals – The Official...

Davis Cup Finals – The Official Eight Known

We now know the composition of the teams for the Davis Cup finals, which will be held in a little over a week (2-4 December) in Sevilla, Spain. Two teams of four, a fifth in backup, and nothing is very surprising on either Spain nor Argentina’s sides. In fact, it is exactly as most observers […]

For The Good… And Then For The ...

For The Good… And Then For The Wrong Reasons

There are many tennis players, and particularly former tennis players, about whom it is impossible to stay indifferent. May it be for the right or for the wrong reasons. We can think of John McEnroe, who was colourful on court and still is now that he is a well-established tennis commentator. Who hasn’t discussed his […]

Davis Cup – The Lack Of Respect...

Davis Cup – The Lack Of Respect (And Judgement) Of Tennis Canada

Forgive me for being again tonight utterly opinionated and resolutely (French) Canadian. Circumstances… I’ll get back to my usual cheerful tennis-loving self, getting ready for the ATP World Tour Finals and then getting ready for the Davis Cup finals (and cheering for Argentina), after that, I promise. But right now, I am just an indignant […]

Canada vs France, Davis Cup 2012 R...

Canada vs France, Davis Cup 2012 – Vancouver It Is

The news that were talked about a lot yesterday have been confirmed today: the World Group first-round Davis Cup tie between Canada and France will be held at the Thunderbird Sports Centre, in Vancouver, between February 10 and 12.   Am I surprised? No.

Injuries Galore

Injuries Galore

Yesterday, it was the newly ATP World Tour Finals qualified Mardy Fish who had to retire from a match due to a left leg injury, the same injury that forced his retirement after only one game during his match against James Blake, last week, at the Basel tournament. This morning, it was Novak Djokovic’s turn […]

David Nalbandian Is Well And Getting ...

David Nalbandian Is Well And Getting Ready For The Finals

At the Vilas Club of Buenos Aires, David Nalbandian gave today a press conference, in which he discussed his physical state and, of course, the upcoming Davis Cup finals against Spain, that will take place December 2-4 in Sevilla, Spain, on clay.

They Cannot Be Serious!

They Cannot Be Serious!

I’m paraphrasing the famous John McEnroe quote and that’s for a very good reason: we know that the US Open has serious issues with scheduling, most of it coming from the Super Saturday – Sunday men’s finals, which is more and more criticized by players, experts and fans alike, as the players don’t have much […]

London, Year-End No 1, Taxes

London, Year-End No 1, Taxes

There were many events that happened today in Shanghai, not all of them positive, but still worth a mention. Another player booked his place for London, the year-end no 1 ranking was sealed and Rafa Nadal talked about income taxes, which led to quite a discussion a little everywhere among tennis fans.   We’ll start […]





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