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End-Of-Season Wishes (Part 1)

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The tennis season is slowly coming to a close. Then it will be time for the off-season, which we can also call “exhibition season”, the moment where the top players scour the world playing very expensive (and lucrative) exhibition matches.

Fine Analysts

Fine Analysts

We cannot say it’s the case for all the players, but a lot of them are very fine analysts of their own game and that of their opponents when questioned about it during interviews, which always makes for interesting listen or read.   For example, last month in Buenos Aires, I had the chance to […]

Of Candlelit Tennis, Racquets, And To...

Of Candlelit Tennis, Racquets, And Too Many Time Zones

If 2011 ended with a bang, 2012 started with a concert of chamber music that I couldn’t help hearing inside my head as soon as I saw the images of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal opening the season in a very special way in Doha, on New Year’s Day. But most of all, it means […]

2011 Ends With A Huge Bang

2011 Ends With A Huge Bang

I don’t think anyone expected such news to come out just as the year ends, but today, as Great Britain was slowly entering its New Year’s Eve celebrations and Australia (where he’s playing his first event of the season, in Brisbane) had already started its New Year, the BBC made a stunning announcement: Andy Murray […]

Not Off To A Good Start (And News, Wi...

Not Off To A Good Start (And News, Wishes, And So On)

The new tennis season has just started on the ATP Tour with the beginning of the Brisbane International qualifications (it has started last night/at dawn in the WTA), although for the last two days, we were spoiled, as we have been every year since 2008, with the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, a six-player exhibition held […]

A Dream Team For The Dream? (And News...

A Dream Team For The Dream? (And News, etc.)

It’s the off-season, but this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in the tennis world. The players have resumed training for the most part in preparation of the 2012 season, a few have changed coaches, there were very interesting exhibition tournaments to follow and there will be more coming next week as well, etc.   […]

The Slow Courts Of Paris

The Slow Courts Of Paris

The last Masters 1000 of the season has started early this morning and what really surprises everyone is how slow the courts are compared to the previous years. I remember how happy the top players (except Rafael Nadal) were regarding the speed of the surface last year and I’m really questioning myself as to why […]

And The Nominees Are… (And Cast...

And The Nominees Are… (And Cast Your Vote!)

It’s that time of the year again, nearly the end of the season, when the nominees for the different ATP awards are disclosed and when you can vote for your favourite singles player and doubles team. It is, really, an in-a-nutshell reflexion of the tennis year and the list of nominees came out today. Of […]

Taking the plunge… again

Taking the plunge… again

Tonight’s a big night, at least for me. It took me a lot of thinking, not too much encouragement, and a demand for such a thing, and tonight I decided to take the plunge again and start an English version of my page.

One year ago…

One year ago…

While waiting to find a better way to do it (or rather, to create a page in my second language), I will, when time permits, put an English version of my posts, either in a distinct post or below the French version. Tonight, as you see, it follows the French version. And it’s one of the […]





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