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Beyond Mere Sport

Roger Federer shaking hands with Diego Amuy of

  Roger Federer continues his South American exhibition tour with a visit to Buenos Aires, where he arrived late yesterday evening.     The lateness of the hour (it was around 22:00 local time when the Swiss came out of the airport to greet the fans), the multiple delays in the time of Federer’s arrival, […]

He’s Back!

David Nalbandian's classic trademark: his wonderful two-handed backhand (Photo: Hans Rhule Fotografía)

  Most players are in their pre-season right now, gearing up slowly but surely for 2013, which incidentally starts on 30th December, with the players taking part in the tournaments in Brisbane, Doha, and Chennai having to travel on Christmas if they want to make it (so no such thing as celebrating the Holidays for […]

Carlos Berlocq’s Initiative To ...

Photo via Carlos Berlocq's official Facebook page

  One of the things to be admired from sportsmen is how they use their status to help people in need. Most top tennis players, for instance, have their own foundation, which they use to, for the most part, help kids in various parts of the world.   However, the gestures that get to me […]

Exhibitions Are Entertainment

Exhibitions Are Entertainment

  The off-season being longer starting this season, the players have time to make a little extra money by taking part in exhibition matches and events. Here is not the time to agree or disagree with it, but to have a little laugh at some funny moments that happened during two of them, both involving […]

What’s In An Exo?

What’s In An Exo?

  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”   So wrote Shakespeare in Romeo And Juliet. Right now, the tennis version of this question should really be, “What’s in an exo?” Is there anything more to results in an exhibition match than there really is? […]

Getting Ready For The Oz (Part 2)

Getting Ready For The Oz (Part 2)

I started this pre-Australian Open part with the two warm-up tournaments that are played this week, but there are also exhibition tournaments that are quite known and to which many good players are taking part. Although in some cases, we really mean “exhibition”.

Not Off To A Good Start (And News, Wi...

Not Off To A Good Start (And News, Wishes, And So On)

The new tennis season has just started on the ATP Tour with the beginning of the Brisbane International qualifications (it has started last night/at dawn in the WTA), although for the last two days, we were spoiled, as we have been every year since 2008, with the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, a six-player exhibition held […]

A Dream Team For The Dream? (And News...

A Dream Team For The Dream? (And News, etc.)

It’s the off-season, but this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in the tennis world. The players have resumed training for the most part in preparation of the 2012 season, a few have changed coaches, there were very interesting exhibition tournaments to follow and there will be more coming next week as well, etc.   […]





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