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Big Kickoff To 2013

Photo: AP

  The new tennis season might have started in the old year, but the kickoff was still quite spectacular. In a week marked by some new ruling controversy, especially when it came to the enforcement of the time violation rule, the tennis was nevertheless at times quite spectacular with, for example, this jewel of a […]

Welcome Back!

Photo: Getty Images

  For them, 2012 has been a year marked by injuries, and seeing them returning with early success in 2013 is a pleasure, for which we can only hope it will be renewed many a time throughout the season.

Early Year Milestones

Photo: AP

  Sometimes the first win of the season is even more important for a player than it just being… the first win of the season, especially when the year finished one triumph away from a milestone.   For two players, it is exactly what happened.

Contrasting Styles

Milos Raonic, Clare Morehen

There hasn’t been any candlelit tennis or playing on water to launch the tennis season, so far, but there has been a quite impressive photo shoot of contrasting styles when Canada’s top player, Milos Raonic, met with Clare Morehen of the Queensland Ballet yesterday.

Happy New Year, Tennis!

Donald Young caused what can be one of the surprises of the early 2013 season, with two straight qualifications wins in Brisbane (Photo: Tertius Pickard/AP)

2012 isn’t yet finished that already, 2013 has started in the tennis world.





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