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Welcome to Running Forehand, a place to share the passion and love for the fuzzy yellow ball. With a focus on analysis, and sometimes on breaking news, the aim is to give another look to our favourite sport, without necessarily focussing on the top players, but rather to get to know more of those who make tennis the great sport it is.


Reading this page will make you discover, if you haven’t already, that I have become, through time, a reference when it comes to Argentine tennis. This goes back to many years ago, and my liking for their style and their players only increased with time. However, my knowledge of tennis covers a lot of its aspects and players, wherever they’re from, and my articles focus on a varied range of subjects and players, without limitation, but always with an increased focus on the lesser-known players and even, at times, the Juniors.


I invite you never to hesitate in commenting. There is only one rule that I stick to: respect. Respect towards me, towards those who comment, towards the players.


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