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Explaining The Silence

Greetings to all of you, faithful readers of Running Forehand!

You probably wonder about my lengthy absence, as I haven’t posted anything since February, and I know you don’t all follow me on Twitter.

First, I would like to apologise for that long blogging silence, and explain why this site has not been updated for the last three months.

No, I haven’t given up on tennis coverage, nor on tennis writing. Far from it.

Yes, I have been teaching full time since the beginning of February. But my teacher’s job has never been an impediment to my tennis writing, either, as you probably know.

The thing is that in February, I have been offered a second job, which prompted me to decide to put this site aside for a time.

I admit, I have been offered my dream job, and I have accepted it (who wouldn’t?), along with all the responsibilities that come with it.

What dream job?

Since the end of February, I am the community manager of an absolutely fantastic tennis media, the English site of A big part of it consists, right now, in developing this platform, and because I already have a full-time job as a teacher, I couldn’t prep, teach, evaluate, and then develop BATennisWorld, post there, follow matches, and keep Running Forehand regularly updated.

I still can’t. After all, like every human being, even one as crazy as myself, I need basic things like sleeping, and having a semblance of social life. 😉

Which is why, albeit with a heavy heart (after all, Running Forehand is something that I consider like my baby), I made the choice to sacrifice a little of this site to dedicate all my free time to developing BATennisWorld.

It is not easy, as is the development of any business, but I am managing to do it, step by step.

However, at times, and starting today, you will be able to enjoy my tennis writing here a little more often.

How so?

BATennisWorld right now only exists on Facebook and Twitter (give us follows, we’re a fun bunch!), and while our website is under construction, there may be times when I will need a place to write longer articles. Which is why, along with my partner, we have agreed that those longer articles would be written here, for the enjoyment of the most possible people.

I would like to thank you all for your support and for sticking with me and with Running Forehand, and I hope that you will follow us over at BATennisWorld for the same kind of coverage that is offered by the original BATennis (in Spanish): good vibes, good-humoured information, passionate tennis analysis by passionate people, the odd (which we hope will become more frequent as time passes) on-site tournament coverage, more good vibes, more tennis, more passion, and more fun.

Finally, I would like to thank my friend and partner in tennis crime, Diego Amuy, for offering me this amazing opportunity. I am only hoping you won’t live to regret having someone as crazy as me running things over there on the English site. 😉 (And you know you won’t.)

Again, thank you for your support, each and everyone of you, the ones who were there when my tennis writing adventures started in French, some three years ago, the ones who pushed me into starting tennis writing in the first place, the ones who did not believe I could achieve anything with that dream I had, the ones who did believe in my capacities more than I, myself, ever did, the ones who read me until the end of every single post, the ones who read diagonally, the ones who skip when I talk about Argentines (my area of expertise), the ones who wish I would do things a little differently, the ones who just don’t care, …

All of you.

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart.

You all make it worth the efforts.

Hugs to all,

Caroline Paquin
Editor, Running Forehand


  1. Carol Carol
    24 May, 2013    

    Congratulations, both on your new(-ish) adventure, and for trying to avoid over-extending yourself!

  2. Mel Mel
    25 May, 2013    

    Thanks for the update – I missed reading your articles but totally understand the difficulties of working and blogging while still needing time for family, friends and sleep!

    I’m looking forward to reading the new BATennisWorld website when it’s up and running.

  3. 4 June, 2013    

    Ladies, thanks so much for your comments and support! Means a lot to me.

    I apologise for the late reply.





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