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Catfight In Prague


The Davis Cup final between Spain and Czech Republic isn’t starting until Friday, but the heat is already on, and it has nothing to do with the temperatures getting lower in Prague.


If the Spaniards are classy as is their habit regarding the venue, the rivals, etc., it was a whole other matter for one of the Czech team members, namely World n° 6 Tomaš Berdych, who seems to have the knack of putting his foot in his mouth with controversial declarations. This time, he attacked Spanish n° 2 player, Nicolás Almagro:


“I beat Almagro most of the times in 2012. If he gets to play, he’ll be the weak link on which to build our victory. Almagro misses this little something that characterises great players. This year, he won small tournaments.”

(Original quotes in Spanish via Rafael Plaza, which you can find here and here; my translation)


It is not the first time that Berdych makes such fiery declarations, but this time, it really appears to be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


What he said about Almagro is not completely incorrect, in terms of tournaments won this season, that is, as the whole Spanish team is playing on a surface that makes them weaker. However, for a player who only won one Masters 1000 in his whole career and made only one Grand Slam final, he should not be the one talking, especially given his “mental weakness” history at key moments of a match, the latest examples seen last week, in London.


Of course, the Czechs start as the heavy favourites to win the Davis Cup, not only because they are the home team, but also because the surface chosen, a very fast hard court, suits their players much more than the Spaniards.


However, twice already has a Nadal-deprived Spanish team defied and bested the odds on a very fast hard court: in the 2008 final in Mar Del Plata, and again last year in the quarter-finals in Austin, Texas.


Perhaps someone should remind Berdych of those little details to prevent him from putting his foot further into his mouth. 


Wouldn’t it be funny if his declarations came to haunt him from the racquet of Nico Almagro?


Let the hostilities begin!


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  1. Yolita Yolita
    13 November, 2012    

    Let the hostilities begin, indeed!

    This is Davis Cup… different rules apply. Players have to fire up their base.

    There’s nothing wrong with trash talking before a Davis Cup match, in my opinion…It makes it more fun for the spectators, who are now probably hoping that those words do, in fact, come back and haunt Tomas.

    In all other sports players trash talk their opponents. And people love the press-conferences partly because of that.

    The mistake Tomas make, in my opinion, was not so much the fact that he said things like that about Nico, but the fact that, given Nico’s temper, those words may actually work as an extra incentive to get the win.

    Tomas’ words may have been wrong, not morally, but pragmatically.

    They have added extra spice to the tie next week, that’s for sure.

  2. 13 November, 2012    

    You’re right, Yolita, they do add extra spice to the tie, but for me, it’s more the “pot calling the kettle black” part that made me laugh and react.

    A douchey thing to say for him, but given his antecedents, tennis-wise, not the things for him to say. It may very well come bite him in the backside. 😉

  3. Gerald Gerald
    14 November, 2012    

    Nico can be bit of a hot head and this might tip him over the top.
    Instead of concentrating on his match, he might be too concerned about proving Tomas wrong?
    Maybe Tomas knew what he was saying when he said those words? 😉

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