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Davis Cup – World Group Playoffs Are Known

It is quite early this morning for us that was made the draw for the World Group Playoffs, that will take place, like every year, on the same weekend as the World Group semi-finals, this year on September 14-16.


Here are the matchups. The receiving team is the first county you’ll see named, as is Davis Cup custom.


  • Kazakhstan vs Uzbekistan
  • Germany vs Australia
  • Japan vs Israel
  • Belgium vs Sweden
  • South Africa vs Canada
  • Brazil vs Russia
  • Italy vs Chile
  • Netherlands vs Switzerland


The surface and venue for each tie will be known within the next weeks, and as the identity of the players taking part in the ties will be known only in the days leading to the playoffs, it’s impossible at the moment to make any analysis, but one thing is for sure: they will be great to follow.


Of course, as soon as all is known, I shall make a complete series of posts with analysis and predictions, same as I will with the World Group semis.






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