Giving tennis more than a shot

Following The Qualifications

There are few tournaments who work as hard to bring the tennis closer to the public as the Australian Tour tournaments. From the Brisbane International, who offered us (although not in Australia) the possibility to watch full matches after they were completed, to all of them adding tons of press conferences and highlights on their official websites and YouTube Channels, we tennis fans from all over the world are absolutely spoiled, especially considering the huge time difference we have with these tournaments.


The Australian Open is no different from the other Australian events, even though it is pretty different from the other Grand Slam tournaments. Not only does the tournament offer free live streaming of the qualifications, wherever we are, it also, several weeks ago, opened its vault to the public. This means that we can all view tens of matches, epics, classics, finals or not, men and women, and this, completely for free.


If you haven’t done it yet, I strongly recommend  that you go have a look when you have a chance, or during a rain delay. I assure you that you won’t regret it!


Watching the qualifications live

As previously mentioned, the Australian Open offers free streaming of qualification action. Even though it is only offered for one court, Court 3 (which is the qualifications’ Centre Court), it is still better than following everything solely on the scoreboard, no? 😉


You can watch it here if you don’t want to watch it from their official website:


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I will update the video every day so it is kept up-to-date until the end of the qualifications.





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