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ATP World Tour Finals – The Great Class Of David Ferrer

It was a better match than both of yesterday’s singles combined. A great effort from the two players opposing each other, a great performance by World no 5 David Ferrer, who defeated an ailing Andy Murray in straight sets, 6-4 7-5. Ailing, Murray was, but that was only emphasized by the tremendous level of play of the Spaniard, who was finally able to defeat the Brit on a hard court.


But what I remember most of the match, despite the great athleticism of both in the first set (until Murray’s leg really hampered his movement too much), is the great class shown by David Ferrer, both during the match and, most of all, after.


Everyone knows how low-key the Spaniard is. Shy, reserved, he’s miles away from the little fiery hurricane we see on a tennis court. But never will we hear him say anything wrong about any of his opponents. Same, never will we see him show any gamesmanship during a match, or do anything remotely cocky to gain back momentum he lost. What we’ll see, instead, is just more and more fight from Ferrer. Just more and more fight, always more and more fight.


(Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Again today, he gave the perfect example of why he’s the classiest player: after the match, he literally apologized to the crowd for beating their home boy, whom he called “a friend”, despite his obvious and stated happiness. And that is only one of the gestures that Ferrer can make to show what a nice person he is.


On the court, he was his usual self: never giving in nor giving up (three times was he down a break during the match), taking advantage of every opportunity given him and running like only he knows how, in order to give us an absolutely fantastic match. As both he and Murray are terrific returners and counter-punchers, it was only normal, especially due to the slowness of the courts, that there would be long rallies, and long rallies we were given aplenty, with lots of insane angles, crazy gets (particularly in the first set) and all in all showing an interesting chess game on a tennis court as only these two can give when facing each other.


A very well-deserved win for David Ferrer, which puts him in a very good position in Group A.


A hard-working tennis player doubled with a true gentleman. David Ferrer at his best. One can only admire him for all those reasons. His game doesn’t have the finesse and refinement of that of a Roger Federer, for instance, but it has an inspired grit that makes him, in my mind, even more likable. He works hard and today, he showed once again how it payed off. He isn’t no 5 in the world for nothing. Add his immense class to the mix and you have a player who fully deserves to be in many’s a favourites list.

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