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Canada vs France, Davis Cup 2012 – Vancouver It Is

The news that were talked about a lot yesterday have been confirmed today: the World Group first-round Davis Cup tie between Canada and France will be held at the Thunderbird Sports Centre, in Vancouver, between February 10 and 12.


Am I surprised? No.


After all, considering the huge number of French (and francophones) in Montréal, it became quickly clear that the city wouldn’t be considered to host the tie. Toronto was also quickly dismissed as a potential host.


Which left in the run either a city in British Columbia or a city in Alberta. Vancouver, BC, got the favour to host the tie.


For those interested in attending the return of Canada in the World Group, facing one of the best Davis Cup countries, tickets will come on sale on December 1, starting at $20 CAD.


Will I attend? Unfortunately not. The choice of venue makes it impossible for me to be there. Had it been in Montreal or Toronto, it would’ve been possible, but Vancouver is a bit too far. So I will quietly watch the tie at home while finishing packing for my trip to Buenos Aires. 😉





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