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One Last Match

I always thought it was the craziest comeback. But still, we cannot fault Austrian legend Thomas Muster for his lack of guts. Coming back from retirement in the middle of last year, past 40 years old, and mostly taking part in Challenger Tour tournaments, he played yesterday his last match on the ATP Tour, in Vienna, where he lost 6-2 6-3 to his 18-year-old countryman Dominic Thiem.


However, everything must come to an end, even a crazy comeback after an “11-year break”. So Thomas Muster, at 44 years of age, had the chance to play one last match before his country’s crowd before bowing out for good as a tennis professional.


A last match he predictably lost, which was followed by the farewell this hard working former no 1 deserved: very emotional.



One thing is for sure: his guts I’ll remember. However, I will mostly remember his former glory and not his comeback. I’ll prefer by far watching him on the Champions Tour and have the nostalgia of his past great achievements while watching him play against those who made watching him play so special to me.





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