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Taking the plunge… again

Tonight’s a big night, at least for me. It took me a lot of thinking, not too much encouragement, and a demand for such a thing, and tonight I decided to take the plunge again and start an English version of my page.


Why again? Because last year, I had to do it for the original page, the one where it all started. But I have to admit that this time, it’s even scarier for me. It’s scarier because it’s not in my mother language. It’s scarier because I know what I’m going into and I’m willingly doing it. But most of all, it’s scarier because I have to make sure I’m not just making “yet another tennis blog in English”.


Of course, it will usually be a translation of what will be available from this day forward on my French blog, but at times, like tonight with this first official post, there will be exclusive content that will only be available here, same as there might be times when there will only be content on my French page. After all, French is what comes naturally to me and that’s where I’ll be making the first post, unless, as I mentioned, it’s an exclusive to this page, which you may have sooner than you expect.


Same as my French language readers, you’ll also have to bear in mind that blogging isn’t my main occupation for the moment and that, at times, time is what I’ll be lacking. But that’s because I have quality very much at heart and if I can’t offer quality, then I won’t offer anything until I can. I’m sure all of you will understand, especially those of you who have been following me on Twitter for long enough to know I sometimes have to live through crazy schedules. So I’ll be juggling both blogs, my job and my life in whichever order you may want to take it. 😉


But my main craziness is and remains about tennis, and that’s what I’ll share here with you. I’m only hoping you’ll be crazy enough to jump on board with me. :)


The comments section is opened to all, and each comments section will be closed upon publication of a new post for commodity purposes (which doesn’t keep you from commenting past entries on the newest one), but your first comment will be moderated and only the first, unless you change your screen name or e-mail or something like that. But I will never hesitate to moderate further if the one and only rule I want to see applied here doesn’t: respect. Whether it’s respect towards me, towards another user, a guest blogger or a player, that rule is for all and of the utmost importance to me, as those familiar with my French page already know.


So I wish you all a very warm welcome and I’m sure that we’ll have lots of fun along the way. After all, if we don’t all like the same players, we all love the same sport. :)


I’ll be back later with some of the the day’s results.


  1. 10 October, 2011    

    Congrats and Good luck.

  2. 10 October, 2011    

    Thanks, Omess! :)

  3. 10 October, 2011    

    Ooooh, good luck! *adding to my reader*

  4. 10 October, 2011    

    Good luck… keep up your good work… like on the frenchie page!!! EEEK!

  5. 10 October, 2011    

    Coolio! I am your BIGGEST fan!

  6. 10 October, 2011    

    @ Anna, Bunny, Karen

    Thanks so much! :)

    And now the new entry is online and I’m closing the comments on this one.





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