Giving tennis more than a shot

One year ago…

While waiting to find a better way to do it (or rather, to create a page in my second language), I will, when time permits, put an English version of my posts, either in a distinct post or below the French version. Tonight, as you see, it follows the French version. And it’s one of the improvements that come with today’s celebration.


Because celebrations are in order! Today marks the first anniversary of the creation of this blog. Already a year that I decided to embark on this adventure, knowing full well that managing the blog would not be easy, and that I should try to find the balance between blogging, work and the rest of my life, a balance I have not yet 100% managed.


So a year ago, I started this adventure of a sports blog, first by talking about tennis and hockey, then dropping hockey to devote myself to the biggest of my two sports passions, namely the fuzzy little yellow ball.


Many things have happened in the past 12 months, starting with the gradual evolution of my perception of tennis, of course, but also of its players and, especially, an even greater respect for those who practice this sport, be they players or coaches. I learned to understand many aspects of the game that I didn’t know as well, such as the development of the younger players, a very fascinating aspect of the sport.


But I have obviously not lost my emotional side when my favorites play, especially if things don’t turn out too well for them.


Over the last year, I have also developed special relationships with certain people or groups of people, people who have helped me evolve as a blogger, but also as a fan. Of course, I have here a very special thought for the people of BA Tennis, who allowed me to cover, for them, my first tournament in person (and it’s guaranteed that it will not be the last, either), but also for many others who do not necessarily want to be named and who, through their work, influence parts of mine, in a good way, of course.


However, the biggest part of what makes me keep on doing nearly the impossible to give you this blog, despite the rigours and contingencies of my work, I owe it to all those who read me and encourage me, from the friend who first encouraged me to start the blog, and who also keeps my feet well on the ground when things go less well, to my friends who have been here since day 1, and to all those who, day after day, take the time to read my posts and, sometimes or often, comment them.


So to each and every one of you, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart! There is obviously more work to do, things to experiment as well, but I’m proud of what this blog has become over the last year.


Let’s go for a second year!





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